Manage Tough People and Tough Situations

Pro-Active Solutions and Tactics


Manage negativity and conflict rather than it managing your team members!  Discover how to better recognize the causes of interpersonal conflict, become aware of emotional triggers, and resolve underlying situations.  This training module helps managers build confidence with strategies and techniques to disarm difficult situations, frustration, negativity, and toxic behaviors – and to do so positively and proactively.

Conflict does not need to exist due to its disruption of teams, communication, and productivity.  Managers will learn to decipher the difference between conflict/debate that promotes growth among co-workers versus that which creates frustration, eventual tension and even conflict.  Use magical neutralizing statements with grace along with a whole host of techniques such as “broken record.”

Managers will learn how to quickly defuse the train wrecks of gossip, hypocrisy, cynicism, impatience, and apathy; managers will build teamwork and productivity.  Managers will also gain tools and skills for dealing with each toxic personality style rather than ignoring their sabotaging tendencies.