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Management & Individual Coaching

360 Degree Feedback

Go to 360 Degree Feedback Form

  • Review from Boss, Peers Subordinates and Customers
  • (overview)

Download the 360 Degree
Assessment Sample PDF

Harrison Assessment

Go to Harrison Assessment Form

  • Management Coaching
  • Mentoring/Career Growth
  • Applicant Screening
  • (overview)

Download a Sample Harrison (here)

  • WE
  • Build Strong Teams
  • Develop Winning Solutions
  • Enhance Communication
  • Measure Your Progress
  • Pinpoint Problem Areas
Training Assessment Tools
Organizational Tools
  • Animal Instincts
  • Communication Profile
  • EQ / Stress Assessment
  • Listening Inventory
  • Problem Solving Styles
  • Baldridge-Based Assessments
  • Climate Surveys
  • Customer Surveys
  • Process Reviews
  • Workforce Satisfaction Surveys

The Harrison experience combined with your team building training gave me solid tools to
succeed in a huge way. I am grateful.
– Kansas City, MO