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Founded in 1998 by Melanie Upson, Cortel Improvement, LLC is a full-service management consulting and training organization. She alone has over 30 years senior experience in Human Resources (HR)/HRD, and Organizational Development (OD) with clients from: manufacturing, government, professional, commercial, and non-profit organizations.

The Cortel cadre of professionals are successful business people, dynamic trainers, and engaging consultants. Cortel Improvement, LLC provides a wide range of professional services to include:

Training and Development, One-on-One Coaching, Individualized Assessments, Needs Analysis, Team Building, Leadership Retreats, Supervisory/Management training, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Facilitation/Mediation, and Consulting.

Proud member of the following organizations:

Cortel Team

  • Melanie, President and Founder, is a global trainer and highly skilled consultant who specializes in Organizational Development (OD), executive coaching, team building, and change management. Having over 30 years of experience with government, industry, military, healthcare, commercial business, non-profits, R&D, and construction, she dramatically unleashes the full potential of organizations and individuals. Melanie offers you customized and proven hands-on solutions to enhance your overall culture.

  • Jim, Vice President, Major General, US Army (Ret.), brings over 35 years of executive leadership experience to the Cortel team. He is seasoned at leading complex organizations and multi-faceted workgroups through transformation and change. His expertise lies in business operations, strategic planning, critical thinking, project management, distribution management, servant leadership, coaching, mentoring and counseling.

  • Jennifer is the Office Manager and point person for all accounting functions, assessment tools, employee surveys, 360 degree feedback, and management coaching profiles. She possesses superb communication and organizational skills. Jen is an excellent program designer, organizer of professional training seminars, materials, and visual presentations. She is the webmaster and is responsible for office equipment, supplies, and technology.

  • Sheila enhances the Cortel Team with her vast 30+ years of experience in written and oral communication skills. She focuses on helping audiences master their writing, briefing, and presentation skills, handling difficult people, memory development, and editing. She has published numerous instructional guides for business writing as well as consulting and editing several professional and technical journals.

  • Lynzee serves as the Researcher and Marketing Strategist. Lynzee, as Cortel’s representative with multi-media, oversees the development of support materials in the areas of marketing, communications and public relations. Lynzee ensures the vitality of the Cortel team and its brand identity to organizations around the world.

  • Nicole augments the Cortel team with her exceptional research abilities.
    She is highly skilled in communications and provides many interactive solutions to the team.

  • Krystal is a true asset to the Cortel team with her strong financial background and knowledge of processes. Krystal has implemented many effective processes for the accounting and invoicing needs of Cortel. She is an expert at Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documentation and enhancing workflow.