Feedback Techniques-Complimentary & Constructive

Our training module on “Feedback Techniques” may stand alone or be melded with other successful Cortel topics such as:  Coaching, Mentoring, Motivational Techniques, and Leadership, Management, & Supervisory Training.

This beneficial training helps you swing from ‘recipe’ to ‘relationship’ thinking.  Because feedback conversations are complex interpersonal interactions influenced by a multitude of sociocultural factors, learning the best strategies, techniques, and famous Cortel ‘scripts’ will bring you maximum success.

Besides Cortel “Feedback Scripts,” written for almost-every situation, some of the tenets include the following:

  • Feedback should be relevant and encouraging.
  • Feedback should be kind – you are actually giving the person a ‘gift’ of honesty.
  • Use your “I” messages and avoid “we” messages, which could cause paranoia or nervousness.
  • Feedback should be timely – don’t wait until a tiny mole hill has turned into a large mountain!
  • Feedback must be focused on respect for the person and situation at hand.
  • Feedback requires active listening using a series of open-ended questions.
  • Feedback must be constructive – using real examples that were observed, whenever possible.
  • Feedback may require the technique of broken record.
  • Feedback requires a call to action as well as a plan for follow-up.