Merging Military & Civilian Cultures

Discover How to Get Everyone on Board Quickly


Work Through Obstacles and Misunderstandings

  • Learn about the most common misconceptions between military and civilians.
  • Find the common ground between two distinct cultures.
  • Build upon differing methods/perspective to achieve positive end state/goals.
  • Merge both military and civilian backgrounds into one effective team.
  • Discover the miniscule, yet distinctive,differences between:
    • Management versus Leadership
    • Order versus Direction
    • Counseling versus Coaching
  • Choose:
    • Short-term pain for long-term gain (Take time to 1st build trust=accelerate work).
    • Short-term gain for long-term pain (Quick results but then it hurts trust and confidence).
  • Delegate to achieve maximum results by first assessing individuals motivators.
  • Achieve heightened group output while first focusing on individual strengths/weaknesses.
  • Learn the language of both cultures – Different definitions for similar terms and missions.
  • Military: Soften your style, build trust, and describe short and long-term goals/time-frames.
  • Civilians: Brief bullets on status, time lines, issues and strategies to resolve problems.