Effective Writing for Today’s Military Environment

High-Impact Writing in Today’s Military Environment 

In today’s command environment where most communicate via email, writing skills are more important than ever and must be accurate and professional.  By avoiding common pitfalls, participants will gain attention and action as a result of their written communication.

This training program will build confidence on ways to have a more positive impact when sending written messages to a wide variety of people, both within the organization and beyond.  This program also provides participants with the tools and skills for getting positively noticed.


Learning Objectives – Participants will learn:

  • The continued value of first-person language in writing, as set forth in AR 25-50.
  • The value of using ‘active’ versus ‘passive’ voice in their communications.
  • How to gain attention and action simply by upgrading subject lines and putting info upfront.
  • To avoid empty, wordy sentences that only confuse the reader.
  • How to re-frame their focus to write for the reader’s needs and not their own.
  • To better organize thoughts and linear logic when writing.
  • How to avoid common email faux pas and get their emails acted upon.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes: commas, semi-colons, apostrophes, quotes, etc.
  • Simple refreshers on correct use of grammar, punctuation, and prose.
  • About avoiding incorrect homonyms (to, two, too, etc.).
  • How to condense long-winded information papers into simple paragraphs for briefing.