Change Management

Change Management :  

(Chaos versus Change)                                                                                                                                                                  


Do you know anyone who is resistant to change? If yes, you need to learn more about helping yourself and others deal with change.


Change is a vital and unavoidable aspect in a progressive business environment. This top-notch program provides the tools to help managers, individuals, and teams overcome resistance to change and continue to manage well in an ever-changing environment.

Participants will learn techniques to better structure communications about change to facilitate successful transitions. Cortel’s experience as change management experts provides enlightening knowledge that will really make a difference. A series of proven models and steps will bring value to your unique circumstance.

Effectively Lead & Manage Change

    Participants will learn how: 

  • To reduce, clarify, and eliminate chaos within their control.
  • To predict the change process that all people walk through before committing.
  • Process of resistance and transition works and what to do about it.
  • Many times to inform people of changes before they achieve full commitment.
  • To implement change within a small group or organization by using 7 essential practices.
  • To eliminate too much chaos that can unleash fear and conflict.
  • To get your ideas noticed and acted upon.
  • To establish employee’s desire to participate and support the change within a workplace.
  • To best structure communications with team members about changes.
  • To facilitate successful transitions from one process to another.
  • To successfully manage an ever-changing environment.
  • To effectively communicate to co-workers who are most resistant.
  • To transfer unproductive confusion and chaos into controllable challenges.

Manage Change for Yourself and Others

In today’s business world everything is changing. Develop creative solutions for handling relentless change. First, speculate about possible scenarios and discover your own brand of personal power to help facilitate smoother acceptance and transitions within your own organization.

Chaos: Learn to Love the Outcomes!

Today’s world is all about leading in the center of chaos. Everything is evolving FAST! Learn successful and unique strategies to flow within the realm of chaos while, at the same time, balancing leadership and the achievement of organizational goals.