Counseling Skills

(Corrective Counseling)

Counseling and coaching skills are essential to upgrade performance as it relates to the organization’s mission.

Empower every employee to become more effective, productive, and committed.  Learn proven counseling skills to get your point across and ensure corrective behavior without being pushy, abrasive, or offensive.


Participants will gain the following tools:

  • The four-step performance counseling model.
  • The ability to set a positive tone by establishing the right rapport as you begin.
  • Using coaching style and tone, provide constructive feedback during performance counseling.
  • How to remain objective about possible causes when there is undesirable performance.
  • Techniques for defusing negativism and conflict if defensiveness occurs.
  • Methods to minimize repeated performance failure.
  • Techniques to close the gap between current and future performance.
  • Create a positive working partnership between you and the people you are leading.
  • Learn how to clearly state goals, desired performance, expected time-frames, and anticipated behaviors.
  • Close by summarizing and establishing an Action Plan.
  • Continue to shift your mindset from a boss to a coach–better results will abound.
  • Use a template as you provide annual and incremental performance discussions.