Aspiring & Emerging Leaders

Create an atmosphere of teamwork, commitment, openness and productivity.


Participants will gain confidence in a variety of topics such as:  The art of leading so that others will follow, the difference between leading and managing, the important of personal mastery and leaving a positive legacy, how to inspire a shared vision, civilian management competencies as they relate to the Army Leadership Competencies, change management, and the art of being strategic while managing day-to-day responsibilities.   Leaders, current or future, succeed when they have an understanding that people (their knowledge, motivation, capability) are true key resources.

Confident leaders promote their own ideas and initiatives as well as those of their team.  Even in the most difficult circumstances, leaders know how to form partnerships.  Participants will learn the importance of win-win communication using assertiveness, consensus, facilitation, and teamwork.

Participants will explore how to enhance their ability to navigate organizational politics, which exist in every organization.  They also will focus on their ability to market their skills, their team, and mission.  Speaking well of the Command and managers is key in gaining respect across the board.