Writing Skills: Business and Technical

Writing Skills for Professionals

This is a very enjoyable program, which include the most common pitfalls, simple and easy-to-learn rules, small-group discussion and writing activities.  To be successful in business today, you must be able to communicate clearly through written text.  The ability to write clearly and convey complex information logically is a huge competitive advantage in any industry.

Bottom Line – Individuals who communicate clearly succeed at work.  And emailing and texting has become our primary means these days of transmitting important and routine information.  So, our writing needs to be clear and concise while expressing our intended emotion or sense of urgency.

The Cortel writing program focuses on ways to get your message read and acted upon while also avoiding the most common writing pitfalls that can easily undermine your reputation.  It re-emphasizes for participants the rules which are most needed and also those which are most frequently misused.  The English language is too complex to delve into every single rule; therefore, participants enjoy this program because we bring to light those things which are needed for every-day interactions.  All the writing activities throughout the program help to lock in what’s being taught.