Working with People You Can’t Stand



Conquering Negativity:

If your workplace is seething with frustrations and negativity, what do you do? What are the primary causes of negativity in a workplace? Would you like to eliminate the underlying causes of negativity, complaining, and griping?

Participants will first learn to adjust their own work style and approach with negative people. Assess what may be some of the underlying causes for organizational or individual negativity. Scrutinize your own toxic tendencies and how you may be unknowingly contributing to situations.

Conquering Negativity & Toxic People

Participants will learn:

  • How not to reinforce negative behavior through silence or absence.
  • How the 3 C’s (loss of control, community, and competence) may lead to negativity.
  • To adjust one’s work style and improve relationships through collaboration and compromise.
  • Skills that will help replace apathy, pessimism, & negativity using positive enthusiasm & award winning attitudes.
  • Various types of toxic people and ways to cope with each type.
  • To navigate typical workplace situations with ease.
  • To apply Cortel’s famous ‘one-liners’ to neutralize negativity.
  • How to vary body language (heightened energy or calmness) depending on the toxic situation.
  • Skills to actively assert oneself (stand up) when dealing with aggressive types.
  • Calm down and reduce energy with insecure people who need reassurance.

Learn tactics for dealing with each toxic personality style. Participants will gain many new skills that will replace the old apathy, pessimism, and negativity with enthusiasm and award-winning attitudes.