Team Building

Foster Inclusion, Communication, Teamwork, & Productivity

(Enjoy “Animal Instinct Assessment” – Learn about Yourself & Others)



Participants will focus on how to enhance their daily interactions which may have, in the past, been causing missed opportunities for cooperation.  By embracing teamwork principles, building more trust, breaking down barriers of misunderstanding, the end result of this training is improved appreciation of others, better working relationships, and higher productivity.

This program will enlighten participants about how a change with even one member of the team alters the entire team dynamic.  The enlightening and fun assessment, “Animal Instincts,” is the best possible experience for participants to understand more their own style, that of others, and how to best adapt when working with the other styles.

A second assessment tool called “Learning-Style Preference,” is also a positive review on how you versus others prefer to receive and communicate information within any given work group/team.

Participants will explore how to better support their managers, organization, and team no matter what because loyalty is key.  By being aware of the misguided “WHO-HOW” Factor, get more buy-in from others when you feel you have good ideas designed to help efficiencies and customers.  Through use of the “Stickiness Factor,” learn to get your good ideas to stick and even implemented.

Maximize Team Work in any Setting

Learn how to pull your group or team together, by utilizing their talents and merging them into a collaborative unit.  Learn more about how each person’s varied work style and personality offers a unique perspective to the larger team effort.  You too can improve focus, productivity and cohesiveness of your work group.