Shaping the Future Together


Your leadership team will gain important perspective about their collective role to enhance the workforce culture across and throughout the Air Station.  The leadership team being trained together will explore the type of organizational culture they desire moving forward.  They will brainstorm which improvements are necessary in order to achieve their goals for a better workplace culture.  Participants will learn strategies for greatly expediting initiatives and changes as a leadership team.  And this includes breakdown barriers (silos) between departments that deter trust and teamwork.  Participants will be clear at the end of the training that culture change can only shift by bonding together at the top and as a leadership body.

Is a positive tipping point possible?  Absolutely, if leaders and supervisors are willing to ‘dare greatly’ and bond together toward around a ‘true senses of urgency.’  Using individual assessments and Goldman’s tenets on creating a ‘tipping point,‘ the leadership group will discover their role in making positive things happen.  A warning:  It could involve making decisions about certain employees who may be bogging down teamwork, good service, and productivity.

Participants will discover techniques to inspire their workforce to apply change management in a way that makes the most sense while getting excited about initiatives.


  • Part 1: Shaping the Future Together (Creating a Culture of Change)

                       Keeping positive momentum and setting the foundation for the next three sessions.

  • Part 2:  Leading Heightened Motivation and Accountability

                        Win-win Communication, on-boarding that integrates, inspired teamwork

  • Part 3: Empower, Delegate, Coach, and Provide Feedback (Positive & Constructive)
  • Part 4: Dealing with Negativity, Conflict, and Toxic People