Priority & Time Management

Enhancing Your Priority & Time Management Skills

(Optimizing a Critical Resource)


These days, it’s all about managing time in a world that is super demanding without enough manpower and time to accomplish everything.  Participants at the end of this training will have the help they need to enhance their organizational skills, properly prioritize according to their ‘power’ hours, create better lists that really work, enlist technology, and renew their discipline to avoid distractions—all aimed at focusing on what is truly important.

Attendees will have an opportunity to examine their preferred style according to a Cortel Assessment entitled Time & Priority Management Style.  By learning more about their desired style and that of others, they will more comprehensively understand how to deal with the pitfalls of each style.  Participants will be armed to eliminate regular distractors such as:  Clutter-mind, non-essential email, visitors, physical obstacles, procrastination, and other time wasters.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Re-evaluate priorities versus time that may be squandered in daily routine.
  • Best utilize their ‘power hours’ and apply cerebral focus to the most challenging tasks.
  • Gain more control over heightened productivity and positive end results.
  • Apply techniques for dealing with interruptions and interrupters.
  • Gain control of their email flow and inbox while also ensuring action and follow-through.
  • Use the most trusted methods to update lists and calendars for short & long-range value.
  • Reduce distractors such as: Clutter mind, non-essential email, physical obstacles, time wasters.
  • Deal head on with their own procrastination issues.