Navigating Office Politics

Politics are a part of every organization!

At their worst, internal politics diminish team work and create an atmosphere of favoritism. At their best, politics ensure that high integrity, competent people achieve personal power to lead an organization to greatness.

Savvy people (and leaders) possess strategies and skills to ethically navigate the corporate terrain to gain ‘influence and impact.’

The goal is not to become a political manipulator but instead protect yourself and others from political sabotage by becoming more astute in ways of best navigating a variety of political situations.


Participants will learn:

  • Evaluate the “rules” that govern personal and professional behavior.
  • Assess individual personal behaviors using the Johari window (self-awareness, connecting thoughts-behavior, etc).
  • Apply the R-O-S-E principle.
  • Use the knowledge for successful, here-and-now communications with others.
  • Evaluate whether your behavior will check you into the ER or ICU.
  • Learn to protect yourself from potentially negative actions of others.
  • Use non-manipulative strategies to detect power-hungry peers and bosses.
  • Learn how to present your ideas or challenge other’s ideas with assertive win-win dialogue.
  • Consistently anticipate your boss’s and customers’ needs.
  • Become a pro-active partner with your boss.
  • Confidently represent your organization (your boss and your co-workers).

Learning to navigate politically in any environment is essential to overall success.