Mentoring Techniques

Cortel Improvement will help you be the best mentor possible because mentoring can be one of the single most rewarding responsibilities.  Whether part of a formal mentoring program, or an informal mentor, the same principles apply.


Participants will gain:

  • Knowledge about how to start off on the right foot with a protege/mentee.
  • Methods for establishing rapport and building trust to enhance the mentoring/coaching relationship.
  • Ways to sustain excellent relationships by first understanding their roles, responsibilities, & ingredients for success.
  • Insight about the difference between mentoring, coaching and counseling.
  • Use of coaching and feedback techniques to develop your protege/mentee.
  • Structure and frequency of meetings with your protege.
  • Differences between formal and informal mentoring programs– and how to successfully navigate either.
  • Valuable perspective on ways to continue long-term relationships with your protege.


This program can also be expanded to educate Human Resources (HR) professionals and managers on successful methods for establishing an organization-wide mentoring program.