Meeting Management

Conducting Effective Meetings

Create Meetings that Motivate People to Attend & Participate

Everyone wants their meetings with employees to run more smoothly, offer efficiencies as well as a positive atmosphere, and a focus on the bottom line.  Turn around the perception that most meetings are unproductive, costly, and a waste of time.  Enhanced meeting-management strategies will encourage participation and turn around old negative views about meetings.  This course is a must for any supervisor or manager who wants to improve the facilitation and results of meetings.  Use techniques that will keep a group on track to achieve maximum productivity.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Facilitate great meetings to achieve more powerful outcomes.
  • Keep a group on track to achieve maximum results.
  • Be a good participant: continually assess structures for improvement.
  • Examine the “bare bones” structure of successful meetings for contemporary environments.
  • Ensure success through pre-meeting steps: agenda, email, reminders, and prep.
  • Select the best agenda options to achieve desired outcomes (using inductive methods).
  • Assess interpersonal skills necessary to communicate clearly and build consensus.
  • Make meetings shorter but more productive – a winning combination.
  • Use the best possible techniques for running meetings and managing a group.
  • Control disruptive attendees who have their own personal agendas.
  • Facilitate powerful outcomes by merging a blend of structured items and open discussion.
  • Encourage active participation from all attendees.
  • Organize important follow up steps: Tasking and minutes.
  • Defuse obstacles: Take charge, facilitate successfully, and remain flexible.
  • Keep your entire group focused on desired goals and outcomes for each gathering.
  • Rein in the meeting disruptors.