Interpersonal Skills

Our Interpersonal Skills training course is designed for managers and staff who wish to increase their self-awareness and improve the way they relate to others in order to work more effectively while sustaining high-quality working relationships.

Interpersonal skills techniques and strategies are also embedded within other Cortel training programs such as Leadership, Win-Win Communication Skills, Teamwork, Coaching & Mentoring, Listening Programs, Problem Solving, Navigating Crucial Conversations, and several others.

Why?  Because interpersonal skills are at the heart of your success at work, home, and life.  Cortel’s interpersonal skills assessments are useful because they gauge how good you are at interacting with others.  Good interpersonal skills = positive work environments = happy coworkers and customers.  A positive work environment reduces stress, promotes creativity and innovation, and helps employees to stay productive.

This program also explores those things which most-commonly disrupt positive interpersonal relationships.  Through a series of assessments, activities, and scenarios participants will gain important information about themselves and how to relate best with others.