Generational Differences: Bridging the Gap

The Power of Generational Insight

Navigating the Workplace Generation Gap

Participants will discover differences that can impact motivation, communication, and expectations—and how to close the gap through enhanced communication and teamwork.  Through increased knowledge, it is possible to turn these differences into a plus for your organization or company.  This is the first time that 3-4 generations share the same workplace—it’s time for everyone to catch up with strategies that will bring all this diversity nicely together.

Participants will gain confidence in which philosophy of management, onboarding, training, technology, and communication norms to enhance to make a positive culture change.  Participants will develop understanding that one generation is not more hard-working, gifted, or productive than the other – they just approach things from a unique angle.  Learn how each generation defines:  respect, value, motivation, teamwork, etc.

Discover how to create synergy between individual career goals and organization/departmental mission.  Turn “why am I not getting what I want” into “how can I further support my organization—while advancing my career?”  In the end, it’s all about keeping your employees engaged and connected to something larger than themselves.  Schools and colleges promote ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking as well as team effort – don’t shoot them down when they are schooled to offer ideas and a fresh perspective.


Who Should Attend?

Career-minded professionals at all levels who want to excel in their interpersonal and communication skills, overcome workplace conflict, and build a more positive work environment.

  • High-potential professionals
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Managers and Supervisors