Expert Facilitation

Facilitator Training is typically a three-day in-person course although it can be adapted to meet your organization’s needs – phased training is also a winning plan!  This training will prepare you for the enlightening principles of how to enhance your facilitation of teams, groups, meetings, task forces, discussions with customers, process/project teams, and many other venues.

Facilitation is a specific skill set that helps you thrive in today’s changing workplace.  With the art of facilitation in your back pocket, you can bring out the best in others through your ability to navigate a balance between agenda, questions, brainstorming, dialogue, understanding of others’ perspectives, problem solving, decision making, and eventual consensus.  Facilitation done well will build an atmosphere of synergy, even without any direct supervisory authority.  To excel in any environment, it requires the ability to efficiently and effectively facilitate group processes.

Your facilitation, once honed, is easily applied to customer relationships and partnerships, leading a team or task force, encouraging group decision making through critical thinking, conducting meetings, and on-boarding others.  If you are a manager, once you are trained in facilitation, you are able to motivate others to perform at their highest level.  By contrast, you may resort to a directive style using one-way communication, which often demotivates more than it motivates people to perform at their highest potential.