Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Manage Stress while Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence  

Improve the connection between emotions and actions to amplify your business and personal success. This intensive, hands-on training incorporates unique insight, tools and methodologies to help you increase your performance through EI.


 Participants will:

  • Make sure their emotions work on their behalf to build more productive relationships.
  • Assess their own EI abilities (and desires).
  • Learn the mind and body connection between fears, triggers, physical reactions and stress.
  • Evaluate their own fight-or-flight response to various situations.
  • Map out how to self regulate emotions before they dominate logic.
  • Create a best course of action for you.
  • Develop their capacity to make timely and effective decisions.
  • Hear the medical explanations about how stress attacks the body and what to do about it.
  • Strategize an EZ blue-print for solving essential interpersonal problems.
  • Apply coping techniques to everyday situations – build greater professionalism.
  • Learn to navigate tough situations.
  • Use a 5-step process to gain EI with ease.
  • Understand you have a ‘Moment in Time’ to self regulate/learn how.

An EQ Assessment tool provides invaluable information regarding what circumstances drive the ‘flight’ response. Once understood, it is easier to understand the stimulus, the remedy, and the techniques for remaining calm under pressure.

This program is a must for professionals at all levels because of how each one of us (as human beings) is wired. We can only change and improve after we thoroughly first understand the physiology at hand.