Problem Solving, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Maximize Creativity and Problem Solving (Balancing Creativity versus Structure)


Managers develop for themselves and their team the ability to see situations in a completely different light and from a new, original perspective.  Maximizing one’s creativity and intuitive thinking opens doors to improving processes and outcomes for improved customer service.

Knowing how to insert one’s creativity while balancing the day-to-day structure and OPTEMPO time constraints will help managers gain confidence to maximize decision making.

Critical thinking techniques support a manager’s ability to analyze and come to rational/sound business decisions.  Managers will learn the right questions to ask, how to challenge assumptions and when to seek other viewpoints to add clarity.

Successful managers gain confidence about how to challenge old assumptions and re-think conventional approaches once they understand the concepts of critical thinking and decision making.  The critical thinking and decision-making model helps managers and their team make smarter decisions—even when rushed.  Various critical-thinking modes to diagnose problems and then reach alternate solutions are offered during the practical training module.