Creative Problem Solving Techniques


(Upgrade your Processing and Decision-Making Skills)                
Do you wish you could solve problems quickly, yet thoroughly? Want to solve the problems others seem to wrestle with?

In this program, you will have an opportunity to systematically solve situational challenges you encounter in your own organization.  Working through a series of models, personal assessments, and case studies, you will enjoy tapping into your natural intelligence and potential for solving complex workplace problems.

A Cortel assessment tool, ‘Problem Solving Styles,’ provides compelling results.


How participants will benefit:

  • Assess and learn about your natural problem-solving style.
  • Understand your natural problem-solving aptitudes and build upon them.
  • Benefit from learning how others approach and tackle problems.
  • Identify and practice a 7-step model for working through any workforce problem/situation.
  • Learn simple step-by-step strategies that will improve your processing skills.
  • Apply problem solving techniques to even routine circumstances to gain credibility.
  • Stop asking questions, collaborate; and find data before making snap decisions.
  • Analyze how situational factors impact problem-solving when recommending a course of action.
  • Gain credibility with others by explaining your working (and thought) process.