Communication: Win-Win

Upgrade your win-win communication skills

Participants will focus on ways to enhance their current communication strengths and shore up those things that challenge them.  By evaluating their own natural style, improving their body language to secure their intention, and leveraging active listening skills, they will upgrade their communication skills.

Participants will gain confidence in how to navigate crucial conversations where emotions may run high for one or both parties.  It’s everybody’s job no matter what their position to communicate with poise, respect, and accuracy—whether it’s to peers, supervisors, customers, etc.  The scenarios and examples will provide tactics that participants can immediately use once back on the job.


Learning Objectives – Participants will learn:

  • How to assess and build upon their current communication strengths.
  • Strategies for active and reflective listening that help to defuse frustrations.
  • Better ways of dealing with crucial, even emotionally charged, conversations.
  • The need to take responsibility for their own questions, issues, and needs.
  • To hone their body language to gain positive attention and avoid common pitfalls.
  • How to get their email messages acted upon while avoiding email faux pas.