Coaching for Results

Skills to Drive Improved Behavior and Higher Performance


Coaching is one of the most powerful skills managers can develop.  Good coaching involves excellent communication skills, development, engagement, buy-in, feedback (positive and constructive), and employee ownership of higher achievements and responsibilities.  Managers will refine their current skills to define coaching needs for their work group, identify roadblocks that prevent them from coaching and tactics for overcoming those obstacles, and explore a wide-range of strategies.

Managers will enhance their win-win communication skills, evaluate their own body language, and leverage good listening skills in order to provide feedback on a wide variety of circumstances.  Feedback is about guiding people to do their best work.  Managers will develop confidence in the art of productive dialogue by using the Cortel Feedback Scripts and active listening-skill techniques.  Managers will then design their own dialogue for various situations and personalities.  Through this module, managers will leverage both formal and informal feedback to increase employee engagement.  In addition to holding several coaching conversations, managers will develop a coaching plan they can use immediately with their team back on the job.