Briefing & Presentation Techniques

Hook your audience with well crafted opening statements. Learn the professional ropes of organizing a presentation or briefing using context, examples, and a summary that will be memorable. Answer tough questions like a pro while taming your butterflies and using your adrenaline to your advantage. Use technology, visual aids, questions and activities to emphasize key points and leave a lasting impression.

Improve Your Presentation & Briefing Techniques
Whether you provide 5-minute overviews or a longer presentation, having the right skills makes or breaks your effectiveness! Once you gain the right tools, you will move beyond nervousness and fine tune your skills when speaking in front of others. Then you will succeed BIG!

Participants will:

  • Examine basics of briefings/presentations in today’s environment (differences vs. similarities).
  • Explore various ways to structure material (deductive vs. inductive).
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses as a presenter (paralanguage, body language, etc).
  • Structure a briefing using appropriate formats.
  • Organize persuasive presentations and information briefings.
  • Use voice and body language for greater impact.
  • Evaluate technology as a help or a hindrance to successful presentations.
  • Enhance their individual ability to conduct effective briefings/presentations.
  • Gain confidence to “connect” with different size audiences.
  • Display poise and flexibility when presenting/briefing.
  • Fine tune your natural strengths as a presenter, facilitator, or briefer.
  • Concentrate on ability of delivering facts and operational information.
  • Learn how to gain and retain an audiences comprehension, attention, and enthusiasm.
  • Adapt to various approaches whether it is to superiors, peers, customers or technical audiences.
  • Use nerves and adrenaline to enhance one’s energy.
  • Learn how to handle difficult audiences.
  • Sort out the typical difficult circumstances.

Listeners don’t care what you do; they care about what you can do for them. Briefing & Presentation Training concentrates on personal delivery skills. It encompasses teaching participants the right skills ranging from delivering a series of facts to situational awareness, safety, or operational information (civilian or military). Cortel discusses and teaches participants how to gain and retain their audience’s comprehension and attention. This course will help participants display confidence and poise when presenting/briefing. After this training participants will be able to give clear, concise presentations to superiors, peers, customers or technical audiences. Cortel uses interactive discussions and tools from your industry to enable full understanding of the briefing techniques within your own personal work environment.